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Extensive application of EFT has shown impressive improvements in a wide variety of issues, including Personal Performance, Emotional Challenges and Physical Disease.

Penny Layne
Email: Healhh@aol.com
Phone: 323.664.7788

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1hr: in person: $85, 90 min: 125, free consultation. Sessions are in person or by phone.
Phone sessions: $75 hr, 90 min: $115

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The Sky Is The Limit

Extensive application of EFT has shown impressive improvements in a wide variety of issues, including those listed below.

Weight Loss
Business and Career Goals

Children's Behavior
Relationship Issues

Anger Management
Severe Trauma (PTSD)
Sexual Abuse

Pain Management
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Muscular Dystrophy
Parkinson's Disease
Cystic Fibrosis

Animal Healing
Surrogate Applications


Penny is a gem. I recently worked with her on a snake phobia that I've had almost my entire life. Penny was able to help steer me not only to the source of the phobia, but to the root emotions surrounding it. By guiding me through the EFT process, we were able to clear the initial traumatic event and pinpoint the beliefs I didn't even know were feeding the phobia. By the end of the session I was able to hold a picture of a snake (something I've never been able to do before) and on a recent hike I came across a little guy and while my heart skipped a beat, I didn't start screaming or hyperventilating.  I was truly amazed that I had such a small reaction to the encounter. Penny has the incredible ability to help unravel the clues you present to her, lead you exactly to the root of the issue, and clear it! It's amazing what can be accomplished in only one session!
Thank you Penny!

Danielle Katz

I have known Penny over 5 years now and have had regular sessions during that time. I had never heard of EFT until I met her and was excited to try something new. I knew that sitting and simply talking about my problems never created any change in my life. So it felt great that finally there was an action I could take that helped me immediately. I used to think it would take months or years to resolve issues not minutes. Of course its an ongoing process, but for the first time doing EFT with Penny I could see significant changes in my life. I now have a much improved outlook on myself and acceptance of oneself. As a result my relationships with my family have improved. I am now in a loving balanced relationship, something I wouldn't have believed possible in my past. Working with Penny has created huge positive changes in all areas of my life. I would recommend doing regular EFT sessions to anyone who's ready to take that step forward.
Thanks Pen

Hi Penny,
Penny has helped me in various ways. She has answered questions & has trained me & encouraged me to use EFT w/my clients in psychotherapy (after I had read more on the subject.)

1. She intuited my wish for help on a specific case that I was discussing with her. It led to me getting a session for myself Dec of 2006 - around my anxiety when starting with new clients. We explored this further & tapped on it. It has helped me relax more in every social and professional situation. I've exposed myself to more personal growth (even with "strangers") this past year & a half. I'm excelling at work & at home.

2. She came out to do EFT with the support group that I was leading: Women w/HIV - young and old. One members overall pain was alleviated & she slept through the night. When she became symptomatic again, she had a more accepting and relaxed response so that the pain lasted a shorter period of time. Another member's worries and stress over her nephew (who was having problems at school & who lived in another state) were relieved after Penny's intervention with her in group.

3. I've called her on other occasions - ever so responsive - especially around clearing energy & doing surrogate EFT. After doing tapping on behalf of someone else, I gained clarity about the relationship: their role & mine. The stress I was holding over that person quickly subsided and I was able to move on.

4. "Finding the words" for my dissertation is priceless. I've tapped on being organized & articulate... and I'm mid-way through on my writing!

Thank you. Hope this is helpful. Feel free to call to ask further questions.

Irene Lara, LCSW, PhD Candidate
SilverLake Health & Wellness Assoc

Penny's EFT treatments were invaluable for me.
She used these treatments to help me with a variety of issues; I was stressed over having to travel for work so much. Everything from the anxiety of getting through airports nowadays to noisy hotels.

Otherwise, the stress in my life was over making sure my dog was well taken care of when I was away, and never-ending car repairs. The EFT techniques that Penny taught me helped me focus on the most negative forces were impacting me. The technique is so easy, so portable and provides such instant relief. And they can be applied to virtually any problem.
Ben J

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